Whatever the project or program, whether agricultural or conservational, reporting needs to be accurate, timely and relevant to donor and internal needs. When it comes to land usage indicators such as area under production or conservation most development projects use an ad hoc approach of extensionist estimates to gather data from the field. This data, once gathered, is typically kept on an assortment of individual spreadsheets to share either via email, hard copy or disk storage. Data gathering and storage such as this not only leads to inaccuracies and inefficiencies but also reduces potential for analysis and presentation.

agriMapper data is stored centrally, available to all with clearance and an internet connection, customized for your particular project and available in a range of formats.

Customized Reports

The most important function of a report is to inform those that read it. As agriMapper provides the user with reporting tailored to their projects or program needs users do not have to filter out redundant information or complexity to get at the data they need. Customized reporting not only reduces the systems complexity thereby reducing errors it speeds up your reporting process ensuring you meet submission dates. Because agriMapper is web based new reporting formats can easily be added as the project evolves ensuring that in this important area you always have what you need.


Data on the agriMapper web site is available in three forms: pdf, xml and dynamic linking with excel.


One feature of agriMapper is report sharing. Simply select from a list the report you want to share, choose the recipients you want the report to be sent to and click send. The report will automatically be sent out via our mail server with your report as an attachment.

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