In modern development projects accurate and timely monitoring are essential. For land use indicators such as farming yields or conservation growth increasing donor an internal demands require something more sophisticated than traditional field methods of estimate. Not only are such methods of collecting field data inaccurate, in project where upwards of hundreds or thousands of areas need to be measured, monitored and reported on it is time consuming.

agriMapper helps development projects and programs monitor their land usage indicators by combining the simplicity and familiarity of google© maps with the effectiveness of an interface tailored to your needs. The net result is an application set up specifically to gather, analyze and report on your project's land usage indictors.


As agriMapper is tailored to a clients individual project needs it can deal with a wide variety of indicators. Taking agricultural production as an example this could mean farm area, farm location, farmer name (including gender and dependents), cultivation date, seed type, cultivated area and cultivation date. The system can then track yields and selling price for tech season and continue to collect data on a season by season basis throughout project life. In this manner year on year project impact can be built up, measured and presented.

Further to this the application has tech ability to store, present and report on individual clients and client groups. Details that can be stored on individual clients would include location, photo, gender, age, number of dependents and client group name if applicable.

Case Histories

A unique feature of agriMapper is the ability to create, track and monitor individual case histories and success stories. The power to extract an individual story from your geo data brings the impact of your project or program to life.

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