Modern development projects and programs often have either at their core or as a component a land usage activity. Whether this be agricultural production, something in the value chain or a conservation initiative the need to measure, track and report on land usage over project life is a challenge. Accurately mapping multiple and often small areas is a challenge and agriMapper aims to address this by combining the mapping approaches of gps and google© maps into a single tailored solution for your project.

The advantage of combing several approaches allows you and your field staff to choose the best for any particular situation. And the advantage of a tailored solution is that the end user gets system their project or program needs.

Google Maps©

agriMapper uses google© maps to provide a fast and very accurate way to map, measure and record multiple areas. With accuracies for area measurement of less than 0.5 ha of >99% it is more accurate than GPS. Using the technology behind farm-file, the worlds fastest growing farm mapping software, agriMapper allows for the mapping, measurement and scale printing of multiple areas and land use instances. And once on the system re mapping these areas to track changes over time is particularly easy.


agriMapper incorporates GPS to facilitate mapping where satellite imagery is unavailable, unclear due to weather conditions or simply too dated. GPS data is uploaded via the site and tagged with the identifiers necessary for tracking. These are dependent on the indicators the project reports on and could include producer name, crop and cultivation type for instance.

Statistical Sampling

Many development programs and projects, particularly those dealing with production or the value chain, require accurate area measurements across 1000s of producers. The practicality of doing this accurately and quickly on a seasonable basis, whilst not impossible, is difficult. agriMapper incorporates a statistical sampling model which calculates the number of areas that need to be measured in order to achieve a specified confidence.

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