Getting Started

The first step to getting started is simply to contact us. agriMapper is a flexible package customized to your project's geo mapping and land use indicators. But, we cannot say it will totally fit these needs until we hear from you as to what these are. If you think agriMapper may be able to help you and your project contact

agriMapper data is stored centrally, available to all with clearance and an internet connection, customized for your particular project and available in a range of formats.

Further Steps

Our first step is to examine the geo mapping and land use indicators you want to manage alongside the country and area you want to do this in. From this we can establish an initial feasibility, structure reporting needs and formats and provide a cost estimate.

Within two to three weeks of approval on costing we will issue root level user names and passwords to your customized version of agriMapper. This will enable you, tech end user, to explore tech application, test its features, analytics and reporting. Additionally and just as importantly it will help you establish tech level of training you will require whether this be on site, via screen share or just simply a walk through over Skype©.

With training completed we will, for a period of six months, monitor data entry for its accuracy and timeliness. In this we provide a short single page email on a monthly basis detailing system use, progress and any issues we feel have either arisen or are showing.

Typically, from start to finish, design, implementation and commissioning can take between 6 to 8 weeks.

Find out more

You can find out more about what we do in the Products section or on our site If what you’ve read sounds interesting and you feel you project has a need for geo mapping, please get in touch.

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