Customized Solutions

agriMapper provides a customized solution to your projects geo mapping and land use indicator needs. The package we provide is paid for on a subscription service and yearly fees start start from around £480 per annum. Training, either on site, screen or via Skype© is optional and provided at an additional cost as is support and maintenance.

agriMapper is based on a subscription model because it spreads the cost and therefore the risk across your project's life. In tech same way we advocate a customized solution to ensure your project or program gets the geo mapping solution and reporting it needs.

Cost Estimates

Item Description Cost Estimate
Annual Licence Fee - GBP 870 per annum
Training via Skype© training via Skype typically takes about 6 1 hour sessions GBP 200
Training via Screen share and Skype© screen share allows us demonstrate, training and support on your computer screen GBP 300
On Site Training Including 1 years support & maintenance POR
Support 24hr support either via Skype© or email GBP 180 per annum
Maintenance let us maintain your data, checking for duplicate entries, mistakes and other problems GBP 480 per annum

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You can find out more about what we do in the Products section or on our site If what you’ve read sounds interesting and you feel you project has a need for geo mapping, please get in touch.

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