MSSB Consulting

MSSB Consulting Ltd is a Northern Irish Company with over six years experience in the development of online tools and applications for the private and development sector. The company has a global client base and a diverse product portfolio.


The company specializes in web based approaches and in the companies six year history work has been completed for a number of organizations meeting a variety of grant and internal reporting requirements. Believing that meaningful ownership of an M&E system is a human resource challenge rather than a technical problem our work prides itself on the emphasis it puts on its clients, their needs and their training. Below is a list of some of the clients we are currently working with.



With over 6000 users in 20 countries is the worlds fastest growing land mapping and measurement software. Accurate and convenient farm-file allows users to make land maps online.

workshopWorker allows development professionals to manage their training activities. With reporting and bulk SMS it represents a great tool for organizing and managing workshops.

fleet-serve can boast a a long service to its clients in the field of vehicle management. Helping organizations across Africa to organize, control and report on their vehicle running costs.


With over 3000 plans made is becoming an established tool for planking and budgeting for agricultural fencing online.

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