Summary is a geo mapping for development agencies requiring a simple and effective way to measure, monitor and report on land usage. Whether it be for agricultural production or conservation it can be used for a wide variety of project types and is designed specifically for the development space. An agriMapper subscription will allow you to measure, monitor, store and report on the land usage indicators important to your project. Requiring no specialist software or installation it can be used by anyone with an internet connection.


Typically specialist geo mapping applications have several layers of complexity. Offering many features that are redundant to the demands of most development projects staff training and understanding becomes a challenge. This unnecessary complexity hinders the the chance of implementing a accurate system that delivers timely data management has confidence in.

The approach of agriMapper is to reduce the complexity of existing packages by combining the familiar application of google© earth into a purpose built interface for your project. In this way your agriMapper application is not a complicated adaptation of the expensive 'fit all' geo mapping packages currently available on the market.

As agriMapper is both designed for the development environment and specifically customized for your individual project and monitoring needs it does specifically what is required and does so in a way you want. This simplicity and familiarity reduces the staffing challenge, improves accuracy and delivers results and reports managers can have confidence in.


In the development context software purchases always carry a risk. Support issues, complexity and a lack of developer understanding of the space often leads to failure. Aside from the fact that this failure is a high cost in itself the impact on resource allocation, time and interruption in reporting is also significant. In this light we base agriMapper on a subscription service so it both spreads your cost across project life but more importantly it drives a relationship that ensures you as the client are satisfied enough with performance to renew year on year.

Getting Started

By far the best way to get started is to find out if agriMapper really is for you and the best way to do this is to talk to us. Drop us an email and either via reply or, if you prefer, via Skype© we will try and answer whatever questions you may have, get a better understanding of you needs and a sense if agriMapper can fill these.

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